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Enrichment offerings

The Preschool and Pre-Kindergarten Enrichment program is offered to both those children currently enrolled in a Preschool 3’s or Pre-Kindergarten program at Tower Hill or any other local school.  Our courses are designed to enhance the child’s preschool experience and strengthen their academic and social success.  Courses are offered seasonally in the Fall, Winter and Spring and run daily. Enrichment classes cost $24 per class.

Courses include:

  • STEAM Scientists - Have fun exploring science and engineering concepts such as magnetism, balance, bature, and building through discovery-based experimentation, collaboration, and problems solving.

  • Books & Cooks - The skills that children learn when participating in a cooking experience are too many to list! We will cook our way through some of our favorite stories. During each class we will have storytime, follow a recipe and enjoy our creation.

  • Phonics Playtime - Students will work on their pre-reading skills beginning with the letters and sounds that make up their names. Classes will include storytime, storytelling games, imaginative play and crafts.

  • Olympic Fun & Fitness - By being introduced to a variety of Olympic sports, children will enjoy sports basics while being introduced to a healthy lifestyle at an early age. Students will work on their gross motor skills, practice teamwork and celebrate the Olympic Games.

  • Math Monsters - Learn pre-math skills through hand-on activities including cooking, building and creating. Count, measure and estimate your way through the afternoon.

  • Wee Writers - During our time together we will experience new authors and become authors ourselves by writing our own stories together as a group. Students will also work on their oral storytelling and acting skills as we bring the stories to life.

  • Investigate & Appreciate - Using the seasons as a springboard, we will dive into a variety of unique experiences crafted to inspire your child. From STEAM to creative movement, silly songs to seriously cool investigations, this class will build foundations and expand the fun factor!

  • Shake, Move & Dance - Children will love playing movement games, dancing, doing yoga and competing in relay games which all work to teach children spatial and body awareness while working on their gross motor skills.

  • Bitty Builders - Children in this course will get to use their imagination in creating using Legos, Magnatiles, Lincoln Logs, Tinker Toys, builidng blocks and more to create different projects each week. Stories will be read which encourage a spirit of creativity and exploration.

  • Messes & Masterpieces - Get ready for some messy fun and learning! We will explore great artists, major artistic movements, reproduce age appropriate interpretations of their famous works, test out different techniques, and more.

  • Dr. Seuss Book Club - The children will explore the wacky and wonderful world of Dr. Seuss’ stories with a focus on colorful characters, imagination, rhyming, pre-reading and writing, and making predications. “Oh the Places We Will Go!”

  • Explore the Dinosaur - In this class we will learn fascinating facts about our prehistoric friends including what they ate, where they lived and what animals they lived with. Through books, pictures, maps and art projects we will bring the dinosaurs back to life in a fun, exciting way.

  • Animal Adventures - Calling all explorers. Grab your binoculars and join us as we learn about animals from all over the world through stories, crafts and games. We will be exploring everything from the pets in our houses to animals on safari and everything in between. Don’t miss out on this amazing adventure.

  • Fun and Fairytales - This class will explore some of our most well-known fairytales as well as some of the lesser known classics. Through dramatic reading, projects, and play, we will learn what fairytales are, what makes a good fairytale, as well as the important lessons fairytales have to teach us.

  • Preschool Passports - Grab your passport and travel around the world with us. Each week we will hop in our airplane and travel to a different destination where we will learn about the culture, try some food, make a craft and play some games. The stamps in our passport will remind us of the fun we’ve had!

  • Under the Sea - In this under water adventure we will visit different themes based on the ocean. This will include fish, shells, whales, sharks and even mermaids and pirates. Projects will vary based on the day’s themes.

  • Space Camp - Climb aboard the spaceship, we’re going to the moon, hurry and get ready we’re going to blast off soon! Through stories, songs, crafts and games we will learn about the moon, stars, planets and more!

  • Messy Science - Put on your goggles and lab coats because these little scientists will need them! From making putty to watching volcanoes explode, this hands-on class will explore a variety of experiments that are sure to spark some creative thinking.

  • Mini Musicians - Get ready to have some fun! The children will activate their imaginations through the power of music! This class is a great way for kids to express themselves through story telling, dance and movement games using a variety of musical instruments.

The Kindergarten Enrichment program is designed to enhance what your child is learning in Kindergarten, as well as offer added experiences that will strengthen their academic and social success.  Kindergarten Enrichment meets once a week, on Thursdays, from 1:00 - 3:00.  During the 2018-2019 school year the course will run on both Tuesdays and Thursdays. Enrichment costs $24 per class.

  • Kindergarten Enrichment - Using the seasons as a springboard, we will dive into a variety of unique experiences crafted with your child in mind. From STEAM to creative movement, silly songs to seriously cool investigations, this class will not only build foundations but boldly expand the fun factor! Waring - Students in this class may pose interesting questions, observe and investigate the world around them, and laugh uncontrollably at times!