Tower Hill School believes in an educational journey that is highly individualized.  The school provides young children an opportunity to grow into their fullest potential in a caring and stimulating environment with support and guidance provided to the parents.  Our cooperative Preschool serves children beginning at age two-and-a-half through age four and our Primary School offers an extended-day Kindergarten. In addition, we offer special programs aimed at enriching each student’s school experience: Extended Care, Preschool Enrichment, Kindergarten Enrichment, and for their siblings we offer Sibling Care and Toddler Playtime.

At Tower Hill School, our philosophy is developmental; we aim to meet each child’s individual needs.  Small class sizes provide children with hands-on learning activities.  Independence and self-confidence are developed through age-appropriate activities in a warm and nurturing classroom setting.  Our guiding vision is to provide a strong academic foundation in a caring, supportive environment. We strive to make learning an adventure and to cultivate each child’s natural curiosity into lifelong enthusiasm for learning.  And because we believe that family involvement is essential in early education, parents of Tower Hill School students are encouraged to participate actively in every aspect of their child’s schooling, from working in the classroom (co-oping) to serving on committees that enhance the overall vitality of the school.

In 2013, Tower Hill School will be celebrating 50 years of educating Monmouth County’s children! Tower Hill School is a ministry of The First Presbyterian Church at Red Bank and welcomes children of all faiths and races while embracing universal Christian values, including kindness, sharing, good manners, respect for others and respect for self. We invite and encourage parents to be part of the Tower Hill educational journey!

Tower Hill School is a non-profit Early Childhood Program licensed by the State of New Jersey, Department of Human Services, Bureau of Licensing, Division of Youth and Family Services. Children of all faiths and races are welcome to attend.